New Shadow Warrior 3 Trailer Highlights Weapons, Foes, and More

The new Shadow Warrior 3 trailer introduces a new weapon and plenty of foes to punish with it.

Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog released a new Shadow Warrior 3 trailer highlighting the "That Damn Dam" mission and, of course, plenty of Shadow Warrior 3's trademark gory action.

It's hard to tell what's actually going on in the mission. There's a dam, presumably, and probably some damns here and there as well — although the biggest "damn" might be the one coming from you during the mission.

Shadow Warrior 3 climbs to the top of the action ladder, then with a violent shove, climbs even higher. Enemies abound and keep on coming, even with gaping holes in their chests, no legs, and plenty of other injuries that should put them out of action.

Part of that damage is thanks to the Seeking Eye gore weapon, a ranged weapon that punctures foes and rips them apart, including the new foe new foe Seeking Shokera. Then there's the Arena Kill system, where you take out as many foes as possible in a small, enclosed arena.

The only thing that could make the new Shadow Warrior 3 trailer better? A giant gas monster.


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Published May. 11th 2021

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