A new PS5 FAQ list touches on topics such as DualSense battery life, additional PS5 colors, external storage, and more

Sony Outlines DualSense Battery Life, Colors, PS5 Storage, More

A new PS5 FAQ list touches on topics such as DualSense battery life, additional PS5 colors, external storage, and more
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More DualSense colors are on the way, and the PS5 will eventually get 8K support. Sony mentioned these facts and several additional tidbits in a new PS5 FAQs post, touching on topics such as storage, DualSense battery life, and how PS5 3D audio works.

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The DualSense’s battery life “is expected to be similar to the DualShock 4 wireless controller.” Like the DS4, how long it lasts depends on what functions are enabled and how demanding a specific game is. However, recharging the DualSense should only take around three hours.

More DualSense colors will be available “in the future,” though Sony had nothing further to say about that right now.

Sony left the door open for the possibility of other PlayStation 5 color schemes as well, saying there aren’t any additional color options “at launch.”

External PS5 storage won’t be available at launch either, Sony reconfirmed. While the PS5 will use M.2 SSD storage devices, Sony said none of them are currently compatible with the system. M.2 SSD compatibility will be added later in a future PS5 update.

PS4 games can still be stored and played via an external hard drive. PS5 games can be stored on an external drive, but cannot be played from it.

PlayStation 5’s 3D audio currently works with 3D audio headsets, but Sony plans on adding support for “TV speaker virtual sound” at a later date as well.

The PlayStation 5 releases November 12. If you’ve got yours pre-ordered already, but don’t know what games to play, check out our roundup of every PS5 launch game.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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