Sony TGS 2016 Conference keynote

Here are some the highlights from Sony's 2016 Tokyo Game Show Conference.

Earlier today, Sony held their 2016 Tokyo Game Show press conference. During the conference, they discussed release dates for hardware, showed games, and discussed PSVR.  [Note: Unless noted otherwise, the release dates mentioned will be for Japan only.]

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President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan/Asia, Atushi Morita, led the conference. To begin the show, it was announced that the PlayStation 4 Pro will release on November 10. It was also revealed that all PlayStation 4 consoles will receive updates to be HDR capable.

The conference also showed a new trailer for the latest Final Fantasy as well. Along with the trailer, a special Final Fantasy XV edition PlayStation 4 slim model was revealed. The lunar edition console will launch November 29 along with the game. 

Of the games shown during the feature was the new SaGa title, Scarlet Grace. This JRPG will release December 15 for the PS vita. Sony also revealed that Japan will be seeing new colors for the PS Vita — metallic silver and metallic red — on December 1.

A new Gundam VS.  title was announced for the PlayStation 4 — Gundam New Federation vs. by Bandai Namco. The new title will continue the series’ tradition of featuring various robots battling each other. 

Various Square Enix titles were given concrete release dates for next year. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 will launch on January 12 and Nier: Automata will launch a month later on February 23.

Spike Chunsoft then revealed a new release date for Danganronpa 3. The latest entry in the Danganronpa series will launch in January 2017. The game will also feature a female lead character — a first for the series. 

Kou Shibusawa, general producer of Koei Temco Games, took the stage to reveal that Nioh will launch February 9 as a worldwide release. Nioh has been in development for nearly a decade. This year, the samurai action game has seen two demos. Player feedback has also helped improve the game for quality purposes. 

Sony has also shared that with PSVR, they hope to create more than just games. With PSVR they showed a variety of footage for music videos, documentaries, and more. It was announced that additional PSVR preorders will available for fans in Japan.

Hideo Kojima then took center stage to share some details on his newest game, Death Stranding. The title will feature some online elements and will be open world as well. Kojima also shared that the game will support 4K resolution.

To close out the conference, confirmed that Gravity Daze 2 will be launching On December 1.

Fans of Sony can look forward to more release and content going forward.

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