Data miner, NWPlayer1234, has found code in Splaton that may suggest future amiibo for the game

Splatoon data miner finds evidence of two upcoming amiibo

Data miner, NWPlayer1234, has found code in Splaton that may suggest future amiibo for the game

When it comes to the Wii U, data miners are pretty darn good at predicting or finding upcoming releases. This is particularly true with Splatoon data miners who have predicted things such as full stages and weapons. While not all data miner leaks can be accepted as true without further evidence, many of them are worth taking into consideration.

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One data miner who has been good for Splatoon leaks is NWPlayer1234 who found playable Octolings in a previous patch of Splatoon. They proceeded then to use the Octoling online and this was the result:

Pretty neat, huh?

NWPlayer1234 has brought us something a little more interesting this time. While Nintendo has confirmed that they will no longer be updating Splatoon on a regular basis, a new code for amiibo input has apparently been added to the game.

That’s right, two new amiibo command lines labeled “AmiiboIdolA” and “AmiiboIdolB” have been found in the game’s code. It doesn’t take much imagination either to realize that these are alluding to none other than Callie and Marie, as the two are Inkling Idols with a knack for holding live concerts in Splatoon, as well as Japan. While it is unknown what the Squid Sister amiibos will do, it is possible that they may be linked to the inclusion of Octoling models for players.

As always, take this information with a grain of salt. Not all leaks or data mining results lead to content in game. We can only wait and see if Nintendo gives us official information before anything is considered definitive.

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