[Spoilers] WoW 5.4 Patch Video: New Warchief Finally Revealed

I, for one, welcome our new Troll overlords.
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After a long wait, we finally have our new warchief in World of Warcraft patch 5.4.

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If you do not want the new warchief spoliers because you have to experience it for yourself, then don’t read on.


The new warchief for the Horde is Vol’jin. In the cinematic above, we get to see what happens after Alliance players defeat Garrosh Hellscream in WoW 5.4. Thrall and Varian argue over who deserves to chop the jerk’s head off with Taran Zhu saying,

“You wieners don’t have any right to complain! He messed up our Vale, we’re gonna mess him up in Panda Court!”

… in slightly different words.

When Varian issues a statement to the Horde, Vol’jin steps up and says that he is the one who speaks for the Horde now.

Hell yes.

I know a lot of people are probably disappointed that Vol’jin got it since he seems so obvious and Blizzard promised us someone “unexpected.”

The thing is, there really is no other logical choice from a lore standpoint.

Baine? Too young.

Sylvanas? Everyone hates her.

Lor’themar? Has dirty ol’ knife ears.

Vol’jin is the perfect candidate. He’s been a long time ally of the Horde, he helped lead the rebellion against the True Horde, and he’s got dat Troll accent.

I am so happy with this decision that I will overlook the sloppy writing that put Garrosh in charge in the first place.

I feel like the story in Mists of Pandaria really made up for a lot of the disappointment people had in Cataclysm. If the next WoW expansion keeps up with the same quality as MoP, I’ll be satisfied.

Now if you don’t mind, time to level the trillion Troll alts I’ve had sitting on my account all these years.

Hey – my first character in WoW was a troll; I swear I’m not a bandwagoner!

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