VR game imitates Star Trek bridge experience

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Offers Compelling Multiplayer Experience

VR game imitates Star Trek bridge experience
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While Star Trek: Bridge Crew only just received a demo at E3, it has received high commendation for its similarity to the real Star Trek experience. The VR game, delivered by Ubisoft Red Storm, gives the player (or players) the perception that they really are working from the bridge research and exploration vessel, the U.S.S. Aegis.

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The game’s story follows the same timeline as is laid out in the J.J. Abrams movies, and the players are provided with missions that involve the exploration of planets, rescue missions, and more.

Recommended for up to four players, but capable of filling in the remaining roles with AI should one prefer single player, Bridge Crew gives the option of four different crew positions. The Captain receives special information and gives the rest of the crew orders based on them, the Helm plots the course, engages the warp drive, and controls the ship’s positioning and speed, Tactical controls weapons and shields, and Engineering controls power and repairs.

The expected launch date for Star Trek: Bridge Crew is fall of 2016. It will be on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

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