Steam In-Home Streaming Beta Available Live

Steam in-home streaming is out of beta and live for PC users.

Steam in-home streaming is out of beta and live for PC users.

Steam has been testing in-home streaming in beta. Good news to those waiting on this to release. This service is available now for all PC users. Updates still to come for SteamOS, Linux, and Mac. This feature is part of the promised package for SteamOS.

Steam in-home streaming is a way to play games from your Steam library on a computer that might not have the specifications needed to run the game. Being on the same network is a requirement for both machines. This allows for users who might have a home-theater pc hooked to their television in another room to play all their games on television.

The in-home streaming appears as an easy process. Both computers require being logged into the same user’s Steam library. From there, the host computer sends the game information to the streaming computer. The same connection then transfers the input from the player back to the host machine.

Complete details on Steam’s in-home streaming are found on Valve’s website. Were you in the beta or have tried the new release?

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