Street Fighter V Fixes Character Bugs in Latest Update

More Street Fighter V updates have arrived -- this time it's character bug fixes

More Street Fighter V updates have arrived -- this time it's character bug fixes

On July 13th, Street Fighter V received a Cinematic Story Mode update which also fixed some bugs with the fighters. Although bugs have been a big issue with the game, it isn’t the only thing the game has suffered from. The game was released without many key aspects like a Cinematic Story Mode and an in-game store. Previous updates include fixes to rage quitting and online match quality.

Capcom has learned it lesson from this experience and has said it would prioritize “completeness” over releasing something early. This new mentality occurred with May’s update when Ibuki was supposed to be included, but was delayed until July 1st.

A majority of characters have suffered from bugs and Capcom has listed fixes for some of them – a majority have seen some change. Some fix frame advantages hit boxes on characters and attacks, and unintended invincibility. Fifteen fighters had bugs that were fixed in this update and these are listed below:

  • Bug: Fatal Leg Twister cannot throw opponents who are in a couch state. However, when an opponent is coming out of a damage motion/animation and is attempting to crouch while coming out of the animation, Cammy could perform this move through the opponent.

Fix: Cammy’s Fatal Leg Twister, a throw attack that is not meant to throw opponents in a crouching state, is no longer able to throw an opponent who is inputting a crouch while coming out of a damage motion/animation.

  • Bug: When throwing Sonic Booms (all strengths), Nash’s collision box didn’t extend all the way to Nash’s feet when releasing the projectile, causing the opponent character to pass through him when approaching from behind.

Fix: The collision box of the Sonic Boom motion is now set to reach Nash’s feet so that the opponent character cannot pass through him.

  • Bug: Nash’s collision box when stunned (dizzied) is slightly shifted towards his backside when compared to how he appears on the screen and when trying to hit Nash while in a stunned state, unintended behaviors would occur.

Fix: Adjusted Nash’s collision box when in a stunned state so that its position matches Nash’s appearance on screen.

  • Bug: Activating V-Trigger at the same time the opponent performs a V-Reversal, caused a bug where the camera would move incorrectly for a period of time.

Fix: Corrected this issue so that when Nash’s V-Trigger is activated at the same time as the opponent’s V-Reversal the camera no longer moves incorrectly.

  • Bug: During M. or H. Ryobenda, there is a moment where F.A.N.G’s lower body collision box would disappear, which was unintended.

Fix: Adjusted M. and H. Ryobenda so that the collision box is consistent throughout the entire motion of the move.

  • Bug: In Flap Spin, V. Spinning Mixer, and Dash Spinning Mixer, the empty guard box was set so that it could not force the opponent’s guard motion.

Fix: Flap Spin, V. Spinning Mixer, and Dash Spinning Mixer, are now able to force the opponent to empty guard.

  • Bug: When doing an EX Eagle Spike from Front Flip (V-Skill), the kick buttons have to be pressed at precisely the same time in order for the move to come out. 

Fix: EX Eagle Spike from Front Flip will come out even if there is a one frame gap between the kick buttons that are pressed simultaneously.

  • Bug: Due to the small size of V Eagle Spike’s collision box, when performing the move when the V-Trigger’s tornado is right behind the opponent, the move would pass through the opposite side of the opponent.

Fix: Increased the size of V Eagle Spike’s collision box so that Rashid doesn’t pass through the opponent.

  • Bug: When Assault Beak hits as a counter hit, the distance created between Rashid and the opponent upon hit is a little more than when it hits normally, which is not intended.

Fix: Adjusted Assault Beak so that when it hits as a counter, the distance created between Rashid and the opponent is the same as when Assault Beak hits are a normal hit.

  • Bug: Rashid was unable to cancel the initial jump frames into Altair.

Fix: Initial jump frames can now be canceled into Altair.

  • Bug: There is a section in Bull Slider’s hurt box that doesn’t contain a throw box, which unintentionally provided throw invincibility to Birdie.

Fix: There is now a throw box throughout the entire motion of Bull Slider.

  • Bug: Alex’s V-Skill, Overhaul’s effect is supposed to be negated when Alex hits an opponent with an attack, when his attack is guarded, or when getting hit by an opponent’s attack. However, even when Alex’s J. LP or J. LK is guarded, the effect would remain present.

Fix: When J. LP or J. LK is guarded by the opponent, Overhaul’s effect is negated.

  • Bug: During V-Trigger, L. Shoryuken landing motion can be canceled into M. Shoryuken, H. Shoryuken, or EX Shoryuken. But, when an opponent jumps over Ken while he is performing this cancel on a whiffed V L. Shoryuken, Ken would perform the additional Shoryuken towards the opposite direction.

Fix: V. L. Shoryuken landing animation after being whiffed or guarded is no longer cancelable into M. Shoryuken, H. Shoryuken, or EX Shoryuken.

  • Bug: When H. Shoryuken trades during the initial part of the attack, Ken is way more advantageous and can easily gain the upper hand, which was not intended.

Fix: Made it difficult for Ken to gain the upper hand when the first part of an H. Shoryuken trades with an opponent’s attack.

  • Bug: When Jodan Sanrengeki hits an opponent right when they are going from a standing state into a crouching state, the hit animation of the opponent behaved irregularly.,

Fix: Adjusted Jodan Sanrengeki so that when it hits an opponent transferring into a couching state, the opponents hit animation behaves normally.

  • Bug: During V-Trigger, when successfully performing Mind’s Eye (V-Skill), it was impossible to cancel the second half of Mind’s Eye’s into another Mind’s Eye.

Fix: Corrected this so that during V-Trigger, the second half of a successfully performed Mind’s Eye can be canceled into another Mind’s Eye.

  • Bug: EX Head Press (including while V-Trigger is activated) would miss the second stomp at times when used against certain actions.

Fix: The hit box of the second stomp in EX Head Press (including while V-Trigger is activated) has been expanded, making it easier for it to hit.

  • Bug: When Psycho Inferno hits an opponent or is guarded, the side taking damage would gain large amount of meter.

Fix: Lowered the amount of meter gained by the side taking damage from being hit or guarding Psycho Inferno.

  • Bug: The empty guard box on Yoga Gale (normal ver.) is placed high, making it difficult to force opponents to guard.

Fix: Lowered the empty guard box on Yoga Gale, making it easier to force opponents to guard.

  • Bug: When Guile’s Sonic Hurricane hits an airborne opponent right after the move becomes active, if the opponent performs a recovery, Guile would be put at about a 16 frame disadvantage.

Fix: Because this was an unintended circumstance, Sonic Hurricane has been adjusted so that in cases when it hits and only on hit, Guile will be able to move before his opponent.

  • Bug: When performing a V-Trigger (Bloody Kiss – Rojo) without the claw on wake-up or after guarding, it was impossible for it to be used as a reversal.

Fix: This has been corrected so that when the V-Tigger (Bloody Kiss – Rojo) is used without the claw on during wake-up or after guarding it can be used as a reversal.

  • Bug: With the claw is equipped, when inputting down(any crouch input)+LP+LK right before waking up or coming out of hit/guard stun, he would perform a C. LP instead of a normal throw when Vega becomes moveable.

Fix: This has been corrected so that when pressing down (any crouch input)+LP+LK during reversal timing with Vega (w/ claw) will result in a normal throw when Vega becomes movable.

  • Bug: When Dhalsim is the opponent, when attempting to hit him with Yosokyaku’s first hit, whether or not it would hit would differ between the 1P side and the 2P side under specific circumstances.

Fix: Widened the hit box of Yosokyaku towards Chun-Li’s backside very slightly so that when the move hits or misses is consistent regardless of which side Chun-Li is on.

  • Bug: After activating Ibuki’s air throw (Tobizaru), Ibuki was invincible while landing on the ground.

Fix: Added a hurtbox to Ibuki during her landing frames after an activated Tobizaru.

  • Bug: When holding down HP while activating Tenrai (Ibuki’s V-Skill), Tenrai would only come out at max charge.

Fix: Corrected this so that even when holding down HP, Tenrai can be used without being charged.

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