TESO – Another Generic MMO?

My thoughts on TESO after seeing 20 minutes of gameplay.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

As you probably know, leaked gameplay of the new game set in universe of Elder Scrolls was uploaded on the internet. After what I saw, I am very skeptical. I wasn’t very happy with TESO game being an MMO to begin with, but after I saw it I just kept asking what they have done to this game.

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It look like just another generic MMO. The only thing added is stamina bar but that is expected from an Elder Scrolls game. What is not expected is third person view. The Elder Scrolls series characteristic feature is first person view but as it seems developers are too scared of innovations that they will borrow mechanics from other MMOs and slap Elder Scrolls Online on it. This is not how you make a game. I read that developers are considering first person view but it won’t be as we know it from Skyrim or Oblivion. I think it is just camera angle.

The next big thing is the art style. It just don’t seem right. Elder Scrolls games have always been a very detailed environment and sense for little details and ornaments. I don’t quite see it here. I know this is very early in development and you have to make some cuts in exchange for a bigger world. I just hope they will make it into a beautiful game.

I saw that there is no sticky targeting but it is not free either. You just point at the general area of your target and you “stick” to it as long as you are pointing at it. I don’t know if you can miss or dodge those attack just yet. And why it takes 30 seconds to spam a Mudcrab to death? I have no idea.

I know this is early stage of the game and nothing is 100% done, but I don’t like what I saw. If this is what they are thinking about my hopes are very slim. I am very skeptical about everything so take this with reserve. Just one thing scares me. When I saw first gameplay videos from Diablo 3 I was skeptical too. Everyone told me that “I am wrong” and “It will be fine” and we all know what happened.

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