The Evil Within Not Super-Powered

Players will not have any powers or weapons that are not period-appropriate in The Evil Within. Hope you were actually planning on being scared.
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Take a good long look at that creepy-looking thing up there from The Evil Within at the top of the page.  Pretend for a moment you just ran into that on your way down the hallway to the kitchen.  Freakish things like that are, at the very least, creepy to a normal human.

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Which is exactly what you are going to be in the game.

Shinji Mikami, director of Tango Gameworks and creator of Resident Evil, has confirmed players in The Evil Within are going to have to use period-appropriate weaponry and personal capabilities to make their way through the upcoming survival horror.

This means no super powers, no extrasensory perception, and no glorious steam punk lightning guns.  Players will have their wits, possibly a gun, and maybe some ammunition to make it through.  Not being entirely helpless might not make the game less frightening, however, as having a means to defend oneself could set up situations where a player has to decide very quickly between fight or flight.

Mikami sounds like he is paying very close attention to the fine details of what makes survival horror work.  The Evil Within is already sounding exciting.

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