The Minutes of Square Enix “Interactive Reveal” on Twitch – Day 2

Twitch viewers direct what happens in this 3-day interactive announcement for... something!

Twitch viewers direct what happens in this 3-day interactive announcement for... something!

G’day, readers!  Ready for Day 2 of Square-Enix’s live reveal on Twitch?  No idea what I’m talking about?  Jump on over to Part 1 for a refresher.

Day 2

  • Prisoner’s much calmer than yesterday.  Sometimes he’s pacing, or stretching, or sleeping, or meditating in the center of the room.
  • Less than a half hour to go until that next vote!
  • Bodyguards bring in table and put a journal on it. Captor (guy with super-hammy Russian accent) tells Prisoner to “start writing.”  He writes for a minute, then the guards chase him into a corner.
  • Prisoner yells at the cameras, begging for his medication, saying it’s “been too long.”
  • Choice: “Use Password,” or “Infiltrate.”
  • Whatever they picked, it went wrong.  Prisoner gave Captor some bad advice.
  • Next vote in 5 hours.
  • Prisoner is crouched under the interrogation chair, not clear what he’s doing.  Maybe trying to get a part loose?
  • Guards come in and ask Prisoner what he’s doing.  They remove the chair.  They bring the table with the journal back in.
  • Prisoner was writing for at least an hour.
  • Now he’s crouched, staring at the screen-wall and holding a bar.
  • 2:27: I start using timestamps.
  • 2:27: Camera’s gone black.
  • 2:27: Guards are walking out of the cell.  Prisoner’s in the fetal position on the ground.
  • 5:00: Guards and Captor back in the room.  Guard covers the camera.  When we’re back, Prisoner’s gasping.
  • 5:01: Prisoner says there’s a vault in the Kafka museum with “lots of guns.”  Captor says “no there’s not.”
  • 5:02: Shield the Prisoner from torture?  “Step back” or “Protect.”
  • 5:03: Now there’s a female Captor.
  • 5:03: Captors arguing.
  • 5:03: Twitch chose “Protect.”
  • 5:04: Prisoner’s dropped the wimp act.  He laughs, saying “You have one of ours, now we have one of yours.”
  • 5:04: Cut to black.  Next vote in two hours.
  • 5:05: And we’re back; Prisoner’s crawling on the floor again, clutching his gut in pain.
  • 5:06: Back to the loops of Prisoner sleeping.
  • 9:47: Next vote at 11 AM Central Time tomorrow.

Check in tomorrow for Project CKP’s conclusion!  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll find out why we’ve watched some guy pace in a cell for 72 hours.

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