The New Technologies of Titanfall 2

Learn all the details about the newest technologies implemented in Titanfall 2.

Learn all the details about the newest technologies implemented in Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled release on October 28, 2016. Before the official launch, the developers have shared lots of new details about their upcoming game, including all the new technologies that have been developed to make Titanfall 2 a much better experience than the first one.

These innovations will not only influence the overall quality of the gameplay, but also the performance and the network security. Here are the ten most important new techs that have been included in Titanfall 2:

PBR Texture Rendering System
  • The PBR system of texture rendering uses a new type of lighting that reflects much better from the surface of objects. It utilizes improved and more accurate maps for metallic and other rough types of physical surfaces.
  • PBR also allows the developers to archive all textures in a much more efficient way, so it takes less time for your PC or console to render them.
TSAA Anti-Aliasing System
  • This particular anti-aliasing system has been developed specifically for transparent surfaces, with the final picture looking far smoother.
  • It can work together with other anti-aliasing effects, thus leaving enough processor capacity for the rest of the operations, which improves the overall performance significantly.

Dynamic HD Texturing
  • This is another cool tech for increasing performance. Usually, it takes a number of steps for any rendering system to process HD textures, so Respawn developed a new dynamic system that can take care of all high-quality textures on the fly.
  • It utilizes an invisible pixel buffer to render textures without any delay, thus avoiding the old format of front and back buffers.
4K Ultra Quality Support
  • If your PC can handle it, then you will be able to play on 3840×2160 (4K) screen resolution at 60 FPS.
  • There will be no FPS lock in the game, and the developers promise that if you turn off Vertical Sync, you will be able to achieve 144 FPS (the current maximum).

New Environment Destructibility System
  • The latest procedural destructibility system works in real-time and re-uses the same textures over again in order to save time and capacity for generating the new objects.
  • This technology will make everything crumble right under your feet, and will not put too much hard processing work on your PC or console.
Intelligent Audio System
  • Now, whenever you move to another location or type of environment, the sound will change accordingly.
  • The intelligent sound mixing technology will give you a much clearer sense of your target’s location, even if you suddenly find yourself amidst the chaos of a battle.
New Network Code
  • Apart from a complete hardware upgrade of servers, Respawn rewrote an entire network code from scratch.
  • The new matchmaking system works much better now and the time of search for the opponents is reduced significantly.
  • Also, now you will be able to create your own personal servers for private matchmaking and the like.

Reliable Anti-Cheat System
  • The new anti-cheat system – FairFight – analyzes the statistics of the player and reveals all the cheating mechanisms on the server.
  • FairFight cross-checks all revealed facts of cheating, and then if they have been proved, the system marks the player with the consequential choices of punishment measures.
  • This anti-cheat system works directly on the game’s servers and utilizes an API, so even if there are some networking issues, FairFight will keep functioning without any errors.
Upgraded Controller Configurations
  • Now, in Titanfall 2 you can completely reconfigure your PC keyboard the way you like it without any limitations.
  • The same applies to all other controllers, like gamepad and mouse – all buttons are now fully reconfigurable.
Spectator Mode
  • The last innovation of Titanfall 2 is the new viewing mode that allows you to join any of your friends’ private matches in the role of a spectator.

It is still unknown if there will be a support of direct streaming and recording, but if we learn anything before the release of the game, we will let you know.

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