The Newest Mech to Come: Quickdraw

New Battlemech: Quickdraw coming soon to a battlefield near you.
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A new announcement has been on that a new mech is about to hit the field of giant fighting robots. The Quickdraw mech was an old mech from Mechwarrior that could jump one hundred and fifty meters. Of course, I wish jumping was apart of the game.

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It seems that Quickdraw is going to have four meduim lasers and fourteen missile pods. Possibly, it’ll have a TAG that comes with it just above the ten pods on its left torso. The great thing about the old Quickdraw was its incredible ground speed of 86.4 km/h. I’m hoping they keep that with the new Quickdraw.

The Quickdraw hasn’t had a release date put out yet by MWO, but seeing how it was just announced on June the 5th, I’m sure will be seeing it very soon. Also, if you click on the source there’s a little story about a Man and his Quickdraw.

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