The Ratchet and Clank movie trailer is finally here!

The Ratchet and Clank official movie trailer is here and it will have fans smiling from ear to ear.
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The first trailer for the upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie has finally debuted and it’s as great as it sounds.

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In a world where video game movies are often associated with the word “horrible,” the new Ratchet and Clank movie is fighting for its spot in Hollywood glory. Insomniac Games has taken matters into their own hands assisting with the screenplay, animation, and character development for the film. However, we can only wait to see what the concoction created by a movie studio and game studio can accomplish.  

Based on the trailer, the film seems to be an origin story depicting how the dynamic duo came to be. The story has also been described as a narrative involving plot points from all major titles in the series.

The Ratchet and Clank movie looks to be sticking to its guns and presents a humorous adventure that appeals to both dedicated and new fans of the series. Hopefully, the film will break new grounds and shatter the stereotype that most video game movies are bad. But I’ll let you guys be the judge so keep an eye out for the release on April 29th, 2016.



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