The Secret World Tips its Fedora and Cracks its Whip for Issue #6

Has The Secret World creative director Joel Bylos cottoned on to the fact that other MMO developers are digging in the wrong place?

Joel Bylos, Creative Director of The Secret World (and now also MMO stable-mates Age of Conan and Anarchy Online) holds the treasure map to the future fortunes of Funcom’s occult world.

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He is quick to point out that it is important for the development of a massively multiplayer title to stay light on its feet, identifying the “constantly evolving, dynamic process”, but even so he was able to share the location of a few potential X-marked spots for 2013.

The next content release, scheduled for an early March release, is Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo. This new content will feature a “multi-layered storyline involving Said, Nassir and Abdel Daoud and leads you through the past and the present to steal a valuable artifact from a roman cult and thwart the atenists plan to turn Cairo into a second Tokyo.”

Judging by some released art previews (see title image), The Last Train to Cairo is not afraid to tip its fedora to a certain whip-toting archaeologist, with what appears to be an action set-piece involving trains and tanks in the desert and “the new and unique Whip Auxilliary weapon.”

But why not – after all, the Indiana Jones series itself was a Lucas/Spielberg love letter to the action matinee cliffhangers of yesteryear. If Funcom developers hadn’t “got their Indy on” in Egypt, there would have been an outcry at the missed opportunity.

It’s not all about the Nile delta though, with something sinister going on in the South Pacific (please Joel, not a musical). Details are vague but there’s mention of “an epic confrontation with an immense foe” and “Jaws of Steel” requiring groups of ten. There’s no mention of whether you’re likely to need a bigger boat.

In addition to these features, a new veteran and recruitment system will be introduced and a new ranking system in PvP combat.

An exact release date for Issue #6: Last Train to Cairo has not been announced beyond “the beginning of March,” but premium members will get access to the content two days early.

What lies beyond Issue #6 is shrouded in mystery, but Bylos has given us some hints – read on.

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