This Is Not The New X-Box Logo. Please, Please, Please Stop.

C'mon, guys. I know we spend a lot of time recycling news speculation, but a little research integrity would be nice.
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In another shining example of why nobody takes the gaming news sector seriously, multiple sources (IGN, Gamespot, Ars Technica and even Gameskinny) have been speculating and reporting that the above image is an official Microsoft leak.

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In reality, the logo image is the tongue-in-cheek work of a particularly industrious Redditor, C-Ron, who “didn’t react when I saw smaller websites using it, but when I saw Ars Technica and GameSpot use it, [he] facepalm’d.”

In case you still have your doubts, C-Ron published another image on Reddit today detailing the journey of his mock-up from fiction to fact. 

Proof that, with enough Photoshop skill, you can get away with just about anything these days.

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