Supposed Next-Gen Xbox Logo Leak

Seems legit... Maybe. Only time will tell.

So now we are looking at Xbox Infinity.  Am I the only one that doesn't really care what they call it?  They could call 'X buy it again box' for all I care.   Anyway, it is kind of cool how they are going to use the infinity symbol for the logo because depending on if you put your Xbox standing up, it'll look like an 8 then laying down the infinity symbol.  This is why Microsoft just bought the rights to

I've seen other arguments saying that Xbox8 and infinity will just refer to the Xbox dashboard and not the console (maybe they are implementing Windows 8 into the dashboard?! How much would that suck!).  The speculation also continues with saying Bungie's new title Destiny will require always online.  That Infinity might be referring to the always online bit...

Who knows, this is all speculation.  We have less than a month now until the Xbox reveal on May 21st where we will get some real concrete answers.

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Published Apr. 25th 2013

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