Celebi is catchable for about a month - no special requirements or items.

Time to Capture Celebi in Pokemon Shuffle

Celebi is catchable for about a month - no special requirements or items.
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It was announced a while ago on the Pokemon Shuffle website that players would be able to catch Celebi during a special one-month event. As a special thanks for the 3.5 million downloads the game has received, the Pokemon Company has put up Celebi as a gift. From April 27th to May 18th, an exclusive stage will be open on Shuffle that will give players the chance to gain a new member for their party.

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Players will only have 20 moves to clear the board, to defeat, and to catch Celebi. The Psychic-type Legendary is basically supposed to a special gift, so it shouldn’t be that hard to catch, especially for someone who has been playing Shuffle for a long time. (New players might want to use Bug- or Dark-type Pokemon, like Scyther and Gengar, to have an easier time sealing the deal.) Players will receive one thousand coins for completing the stage for the first time.

The Legendary is not currently available on any another stage or during normal gameplay. So once the four weeks are up, there’s no way of obtaining Celebi.

Pokemon Shuffle is the first free-to-play Pokemon game released on the Nintendo eShop, in February of this year. (Pokemon Rumble World is the second one.) A puzzle game, players must match up 3 or more Pokemon to clesar the puzzle board and to damage (and defeat) wild Pokemon.

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