Tower of Nightmares Coming to Guild Wars 2

Tower of Nightmares bonus content will be released on October 29, bringing what looks to be a new instance to the Kessex Hills.
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The Blood and Madness event for Guild Wars 2 is in full swing, with candy corn and plastic spiders everywhere.  Halloween has two sides to it, however.  It has a festive, candy-coated side, and it has a dark, nightmarish side.  Arenanet has released the trailer for the less-pleasant side of Halloween in Tyria this year, the Tower of Nightmares.

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Apparently the Krait have been working on something more sinister than usual in Kessex Hills.  They have been building behind a concealing shroud of illusions, and the fruits of their labors are beginning to near completion.

This cannot be a good thing.

The Tower of Nightmares content will go live on October 29, and while most of that content is anyone’s guess at the moment, some of the rewards are already known.  There is a new healing skill up for grabs usable by any class, which is able to remove several types of conditions, including cleansing something called ‘toxins’ which I assume is going to be part of the event.  Players can also earn a Krait Obelisk Shard for their home instance, letting them charge Quartz Crystals, possibly another new thing with the vent, and even providing a skill point.

The developers will be doing a livestream event on their channel to talk about the event in more detail on October 28, so anyone wanting a one-day sneak peek can catch it then.

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