Two New PS4 Bundles For Japan: The PS4’s Plan to Earn Japan’s Love

More Limited Edition PS4 Bundles for exclusive release in Japan.
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Two new PS4 bundles are coming to Japan. Why do they get all the cool stuff? A The Last of Us Remastered bundle and a Destiny bundle will be releasing in the country soon, each with special console designs. 

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The first, coming August 21st, is bundled with The Last of Us Remastered Edition. The console comes engraved with a Joel and Ellie design and it’s black.

The second PS4 (white) is bundled with Destiny. It’s similar to the Destiny Bundle announced during E3 which will be releasing world-wide; however, this console has the game’s title engraved into the console. It is set to launch September 11th in Japan only.

This all is likely part of a plan to boost PS4 sales in Japan. Last week, Sony’s Andrew House had an interview answering why the console hasn’t made the sales they hoped for in the country.

“[Andrew] House said Japanese publishers and developers failed to get behind the PS4 when Sony was discussing the console with them ahead of launch because they were comfortable with the PS3 and reluctant to invest in making games for a new and unproven platform.”  

                                                                                                  -Eurogamer (Source)

Due to this reason, Japanese sales for the PS4 these past weeks have been lower than the WiiU. Sony waited to release the PS4 in Japan (released 4 months after the US and UK) in order to have a good game line-up for its Japan fan-base. The plan appears to have failed, but they are not done trying! With the release of a Frozen themed PS4 last Wednesday (July 16th), and these upcoming bundles, Sony hopes to see an increase in its sales.

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