Ubisoft confirms Grow Home coming to PS4

Ubisoft's Grow Home coming to PS4.

Ubisoft's Grow Home coming to PS4.

After much speculation, it has now been confirmed that Ubisoft’s Grow Home is indeed coming to the PS4. 

Rumors began to swirl regarding Grow Home when an early leak of Playstation’s Vote to Play feature was revealed. Following this leak, Grow Home appeared on a Taiwanese games rating board, adding fuel to the fire.

The Vote to Play feature will be available to PS Plus users and will allow gamers to vote on this and two other games between August 13 and August 24, beginning at 8:30 am. The game that garners the most votes will be free for the entire month of September. 

In the event that another game wins the vote, Grow Home will still be available at a discounted rate for PS Plus members. But any gamers in the UK or Europe who wish to subscribe to PS Plus will encounter higher prices.

Playing Grow Home on a gaming console will make for an even more enjoyable experience and is sure to increase the popularity of this already  beloved game.

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