Those rumors about PS4 exclusives on PC are reportedly false, according to Sony and Atlus.

Uncharted, Bloodborne, and Persona 5 PC Ports are Not Happening

Those rumors about PS4 exclusives on PC are reportedly false, according to Sony and Atlus.
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You might have heard we’re getting Bloodborne on PC, along with Days Gone and even the longed-for Persona 5 Royal PC port, among others. Sony and Atlus say those Amazon France listings allegedly leaking these ports are dead wrong, though.

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The original news came from Twitter users Nibel and Wario64, who both picked up on a number of Amazon France listings for PS4 properties heading to PC, including the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Gran Turismo. After learning Death Stranding is coming to PC and Horizon: Zero Dawn is also headed to PC, these listings were believable.

However, Sony told outlets like Polygon and GameSpot these have nothing to do with official Sony announcements or plans.

“The listings are not accurate,” Sony told Polygon. “We have made no announcements to bring these games to PC.”

Atlus told GameSpot, “That listing is an error and we’re looking into having it taken down and how it happened.”

Amazon France also has a posting for Super Mario Odyssey for PC now, and there’s pretty much no chance of that being true. So while it’s possible the aforementioned Sony and Atlus title could make their way to PC at some point in the future, every possible sign points to this current set of listings as being false. 

We’re rather inclined to agree with NPD market analyst Mat Piscatella’s take on this.

You can check out the full Polygon and GameSpot stories on their respective sites. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PlayStation 4 news as it develops.

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