(UPDATED) Hadouken Cabs is an Official Playstation 4 Ad

Street Fighter is officially confirmed on Playstation 4.

Street Fighter is officially confirmed on Playstation 4.

The Hadouken Cabs viral video that I reported on earlier this week looks to be part of a real Sony PS4 commercial.

We know from Twitter that Street Fighter (and Deep Down) producer Yoshinori Ono is in the USA right now and he has been trolling us about the PS4 launch today on twitter. It’s very likely that we will get an official Street Fighter reveal at tonight’s PS4 All Access at 11pm EST on SpikeTV. 

It’s been a weird day for teasers like Atlus’ unborn game fetus, and this cryptic site that gives out a morse code message that people are linking to the Fallout franchise. With only 4 hours to go we should have some answers soon. We’ll also be getting a look at what exclusive Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes content the PS4 will have as well as a look at the exclusive PS4 content for Destiny. Are we getting a version of Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 or will it be an original Street Fighter title?

Consider this story as a kind of “live blog” that I’ll update as news continues to break. 

UPDATE 1- Just reviewing the video and noticed some interesting references to games we haven’t heard about on PS4 yet.

Ryu’s SF4 portrait… also his ID 236P is a fireball motion

There’s a boy crossing the street with the helmet from ICO, also possibly Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal on the street dressed in black.

Cid’s Barber Shop… likely a Final Fantasy reference. Also Parappa the Rapper on the left… the Skyrim-ish Dragon I assume is for Elder Scrolls Online.

UPDATE 2- Well that was a whole lot of nothing… we got a logo for the next Uncharted, the OUYA game Towerfall, a Destiny beta, and a “retro” mission for Ground Zeros. That’s what we call getting trolled.




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