Vambrace: Cold Soul Original Soundtrack Now Available

Jam out to the tunes of Delearch and Icenaire while on the go.

Jam out to the tunes of Delearch and Icenaire while on the go.
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Vambrace: Cold Soul, a challenging roguelike from Devespresso Games, released a little more than a week ago. Since then, the game has received several updates and a DLC. Among other things, the updates tweaked things like difficulty and added other features such as New Game+.

Now, the game’s first DLC brings the game’s original soundtrack to Steam and other digital storefronts, such as Good Old Games. 

The developer said of the DLC via  a press release: 

A star-studded fantasy/folk soundtrack by Hyunho Kim with NieR vocalist Emi Evans and Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino.

The game soundtrack features heavy hitters in the world of video game music. The collaborative effort on the part of three composers, Sung-woo Hwang and Hakyung Kim with Hyunho Kim as lead composer, has resulted in 12 tracks. Hyunho Kim has worked previously with Headup, composing tracks for the Coma: Recut Original Soundtrack.

With things mixed and mastered by Norihiko Hibino and Sp3ck, the original game soundtrack is sure to delight fans of Vambrace: Cold Soul.

The track list starts with The Lost Lady and features warm and inviting notes. It then moves on to Flight of the Sorceress, a musical embodiment of Isabel’s icy powers. Finally, it all culminates in an EDM power ballad by Kino featuring the vocals of Emi Evans, known for her work on Dark Souls and NieR: Automata, titled Golden Skies. 

Released by Scarlet Moon Records in partnership with Devespresso Games, the soundtrack is available for purchase on all storefronts, including Steam, for $6.99.

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