Vambrace: Cold Soul's First Update Reduces Difficulty

The first update for Vambrace: Cold Soul is live, bringing various changes to the game.

The first update for roguelike dungeon crawler Vambrace: Cold Soul is now live. Taking feedback from players over the past several days since launch, the developers said in a Steam forum post that changes were made to allow for a more enjoyable experience for a majority of the player base. 

The biggest change comes to Neighborhoods, where players encounter various enemies, collect items, and either live or die from terror. Overall, neighborhoods have been made easier.

One of the larger additions is that the number of combat encounters has been reduced, meaning health lasts longer, teams die less often, and players can travel through a neighborhood more smoothly. There are repercussions, as some items, from my experience, specifically, are only available from winning combat encounters. 

Another change, which I and other fans appreciate, is that the developers have tweaked the Ghost Fog Meter. Now, terror will accrue at a decelerated rate, leaving players more time to explore. Instead of taking the most direct route, worrying when taking the wrong path, or not backtracking to avoid the meter from filling, players can search every nook and cranny to their hearts' content.

The speed at which players walk through neighborhoods has been increased so less real time is spent moving from room to room.

Minor changes include some text adjustments for English and Korean. The tutorial is now accessible via the pause menu, which is great for players who have already been through the tutorial but may need a minor refresher. The speed at which players can move around Delaerch has been increased as well.

Steam Cloud Saving is still going through a few tests but according to the devs, implementation is on the horizon; a recent bug regarding Lyric's closet has reared its ugly head while testing the implementation.

Costume data appears to be wiped, too, but Devespresso has already found a solution and costumes should be returned with version 1.03.

Adjustments on the horizon include the ability to skip the opening cutscene, as well as additions of basic camps at the ends of neighborhoods. These will not be full-fledged camps where health and vigor can be restored, but they will allow players to change equipment and access inventory before moving on to the next neighborhood.

In our review for Vambrace Cold Soul, Ty Arthur said of the game, "If you like the idea of Darkest Dungeon's mechanics but want them transported into a unique JRPG setting, pick this one up as soon as possible, so long as you are ready to survive some serious abuse along the way."

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Published May. 31st 2019

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