Video Game Score with Rap Lyrics? It Must Be Richie Branson!

From Guardia With Love, a new Richie Branson album, was released May 28th.
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On May 28th, rapper, producer, and video game music composer Richie Branson released his new album From Guardia With Love. Like any passionate gamer, Branson has melded his art with his hobby. The new album is based off of the game Chrono Trigger, an RPG released in November 2008. If you aren’t familiar with the game, it focuses on the travels of our hero, Crono, through time, as he follows Marle, a girl he just met, into a dimensional rift. (For more information on the game, visit

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Branson has crafted a series of songs that blend the familiar tones of video game scores with rap lyrics detailing his love for the game and its influence on him and his life.The album was released in two versions: a Limited Edition Compact Disc and a Digital Album. Unfortunately, the Compact Disc is officially sold-out, but fans can still purchase the Digital Album for $6.97.

You can also listen to the album for free at Then… why pay for it? Turns out, all proceeds will be donated to Extra Life, a gaming website and company that works with organizations to help kids who are sick or in need! Whether you are a lover of rap or video games, Richie Branson’s unique combination of musical genres is an interesting listen and is certainly worth coughing up the $6.97.

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