Warlords Of Draenor: The Creatures And Races Of Draenor

In Draenor, players will come across some familiar faces and brand new creatures.
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Players have already gotten a little bit of a taste of who occupies and used to occupy Draenor from the Burning Crusade expansion, but in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, players are going to see who and what lived on this beautiful planet before it turned into Outland.

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The Races of Draenor


Warcraft fans should be quite familiar with Ogres by now. They have been in the games since the early days of the RTS and have been both ally and enemy to many factions in Warcraft.

The Ogres of Draenor are not the same as the Ogres of Outland and Azeroth. They seem to be more organized, more brutal, and a bigger threat to the safety of others than their present day iterations.

Players will be seeing a lot of them in Draenor. Whether it’s fighting them to take Bladespire Fortress as the Horde or the dungeon the Bloodmaul Slag Mines, you will get your fill of Ogre killing in this expansion.


Gronn are the giant race that Ogres spawned from supposedly. They are much bigger and much tougher than their offspring.

Players should have already met a few of them in Outland.This time around, they will be serving the Iron Horde warmachine.


Not much is currently known about this brand new race from Draenor, but one thing is for certain: their claws are not just for show. They seem to be a very battle ready race; it’s what you would expect from a humanoid sabertooth tiger.


These creatures are like a reptilian version of the Magnataur. Not much is known about them other than that they look really cool.


The Mok’Nathal are a race of half-orcs, half-ogres. They are the race that Rexxar belongs to. We will be seeing them at some point in the expansion, although no details have been released yet.


Alliance players, rejoice! We will be seeing a ton of the Draenei in their former glory. We will see Shattrath, Auchindoun, and Karabor in their prime. We will learn what they were like during their heyday, before they crashed space ships. Blizzard seems to be making up for three expansions of no Draenei lore.

They are also adding in some important Draenei heroes/NPCs. One of such was described as a Joan of Arc character and another one was the character that we see in the Burning Crusade opening cinematic.


Blood and thunder! Horde players and fans of Orc lore in general should be peeing themselves in excitement for this upcoming expansion. We will get to see the Orc clans fighting glorious battles, practicing a variety of Shamanism, and trying to come together as wildly different clans to form a whole. That whole will invade Azeroth and crush the lesser races underneath so many tanks and axes.

The Orcs of Draenor in this expansion have yet to drink the blood of Mannoroth meaning they are pure. That is why they are brown or grey instead of fel green. Their race has yet to suffer the curse that tainted their race’s history.

The Creatures

There are so many wonderful looking creatures in this expansion that it’s giving me an artgasm. Not enough information has been released on the new creatures to really give you much of a feel for more than a few, but what we do know so far is that there will be a ton of new creatures in this expansion like the fungal whale of the Zangar Sea and the Forelings, as well as a new dragonfly mount.

Since this is supposed to be what Draenor was like before it got destroyed and turned into Outland, the team got really into designing some beautiful looking new creatures.

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