WildStar: Character Creation Guide for all Races / Genders

Character creation peek for WildStar!
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WildStar is one of the most talked about games of the year–we saw enormous ads at PAX East, hype around their closed beta, and curiosity around their player housing feature. Carbine is full of talent and boasts experience on some of the most popular MMOs of all time.

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They’re no stranger to character creation, and the importance of full customization. While there are limited slider scales mostly designated for facial features, thereare plentiful hair colors and styles, along with a wide range of skin and eye colors.

Embedded below are character creation videos for each race, with both genders, starting with Exile.

Human, Exile

Aurin, Exile

Granok, Exile

Mordesh, Exile

Mechari, Dominion

Chua, Dominion


Draken, Dominion

Cassian, Dominion


Overall, given the style of the game design, character creation was something that I found myself spending time in just because I enjoyed it. I was okay with taking the time to create a character that I liked looking at, and there were enough options that I could really make something I liked rather than rushing through with an unsatisfying character.

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