Witness the Rise of Shinra in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Movie

Also, someone Crushed Aerith's flowers, and they need to be punished.

Also, someone Crushed Aerith's flowers, and they need to be punished.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake might have succumbed to the delay bug, but that doesn’t mean Square Enix is keeping everything under wraps. The developer just released the opening movie for the reimagining of the JRPG classic.  

The opening sequence is a nearly six-minute affair, showing off the transformation of Midgar after Shinra came to town.

We see a normal, slightly run-down urban setting in the beginning, sitting in the middle of a dry and barren wasteland. People go about their daily lives, and kids play in the playground (yes, that playground, and that kid).

Then something happens. A beam of Mako light bursts forth from the Shinra building, indicating the beginning of the end.

From there, it transitions into scenes we’ve already seen in one form or another. A monster steps on Aerith’s flowers, Cloud and Avalanche show up at the train station, and Midgar is lost in the depths of Shinra’s darkness.

What really stands out is the level of detail afforded to the city, before and after. We finally get to see the full scope of Midgar, before and after, in all its massive and corrupt glory. That, and the presence of even more side quests and things to do, strongly suggest it’ll be an immersive environment to wander around in and learn about — which is good since FF7 Remake‘s first episode is all about Midgar.

This level of detail is also supposed to extend to characters, stories, and lore, so it seems like we’re all in for quite a treat when April 10 finally comes around. Meanwhile, you can always check out the recent theme song footage to help pass the time.

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