World First Ra-Den Kill Thanks to Bug; (Reactionary?) April 8 Hotfixes

A group in China managed to down Ra-den thanks to a bug which has already been addressed as of the April 8 hotfix.
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World of Warcraft players’ sight turns to China today as a group there was able to down the, previously, undefeated Ra-den. Congratulati- wait. False alarm. It was due to a bug.

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The group in China only managed to take down Ra-den due to a bug which has since been addressed. So, unfortunately, Ra-den still hasn’t truly been defeated fair and square.

Last night’s WoW 5.2 hotfixes addressed this issue along with a few others:

April 8th Hotfixes

  • In terms of WoW tier 15 raiding, ele and resto shamans will no longer have a chance to win Giorgio’s Caduceus of Pure Moods. This will probably fix some in-guild disputes over the piece.
  • When fighting Primordius, spells like Sear Magic, Single Magic, or Mass Dispel will no longer work to remove a single harmful effect if spells like Improved Synapses, Keen Eyesight, etc. are on, as they provide a beneficial effect.
  • Ra-den sees some changes today, too. Quite possibly reactionary. He has been fixed so that he will no longer be prevented from absorbing Essences of Anima/Vitus, which is what caused the Chinese players to down him.
  • In addition to that fix, Reincarnation will now reset for shamans upon entering a fight with Ra-den. Blizzard either really wants to help you defeat Ra-den or really wants to make shamans suffer twice for making them fix the Giorgio Caduceus thing.

There are only two other fixes in this round:

  • Players working towards the achievements Pay to Slay and It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone have been fixed so that players will consistently receive credit for killing Incomplete Drakkari Colossuses.
  • Lastly, Zandalari Beast Handlers have now been fixed so that they are correctly saddled up on their Direhorn mounts. This will probably save them some back pain.

That’s all for the April 8th WoW 5.2 hotfixes. If you and your guild are still trying to go for the world first kill on Ra-den, good luck! You’ll need it.

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