World of Tanks Giving Gold For Password Changes

World of Tanks is offering 300 in-game gold to players who change their passwords after a security breach.

There are a lot of people online who seem to have nothing they enjoy more than trying to hack into the secure databases of various companies and websites.  With the fairly recent hacking of The War Z, the gaming community has had ample reminder of the difficulties involved with online gaming.  Armored war machine simulator World of Tanks is the most recent victim.

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Players of World of Tanks are being asked to change their passwords for the game after Wargaming suffered a security breach.  While only passwords are apparently in need of changing, the company is clearly embarrassed by the situation.

As an extra apology and incentive for players to re-secure their accounts, the accounts that do have their passwords changed will be given 300 free in-game gold to spend as they please.  While the breach in security is obviously not optimal, other companies could take a lesson from the offering of actual incentive to players inconvenienced by these breaches.  It makes the whole process much less annoying for us.

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