World Of Warcraft: Dark Riders Now On Sale & Worgen Lore: Looks Rather Spiffing!

World Of Warcraft Dark Riders is out now! Chop chop Get browsing! A brief chunk of Worg-Lore in WoW from the almighty W00F!
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Tally Ho Chaps, lo and behold! Here I stand upon the very plight that would have me address you once more I say! Of course to many of my following readers I may sport that it is rather strange of me to be using this accent, I can assure you most devoutly, T’was a bet gone astray. WHAT WHAT?!

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You see as I have adopted this rather spiffing accent with due reason-

A dare, as I am British, and lets face it-


Of course with this nose of mine I have smelled a World Of Warcraft Tweet:

“World of Warcraft: Dark Riders is now on sale: Make sure to get your copy!

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