WoW Subscriptions Drop, Everyone Just Calm Down

Chill out guys. WoW is still the highest paid MMOPRG in the world.
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With the recent press release from Blizzard stating that World of Warcraft is down 1.3 million subscribers, a lot of people are seeing this like it’s the end of the world… pun totally intended.

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It appears that most of the loss comes from the following from Asia. From Activision’s first-quarter financial statement, CEO Bobby Kotick said the dip was mostly “from the East, but in the West as well.”

WoW has gone down to a still impressive 8.3 million active accounts after the February to May drop. When the expansion Mists of Pandaria was released the subscription count was just a little over 10 million.

If you’ve taken an economics class, a slight drop after a large influx of people is a common trend. This even happened after WoW’s peak of success in 2010 when they reached 12 million subscribers.

Avid and loyal fans of the game are still positive about the game’s success. On the game’s very active subreddit, many redditors see this as only a slump and the game will return to the glory that it deserves.

These fans will continue to play, while kids who have the attention span of rodents will put it away. WoW is still one of the best MMORPGs on the market and it will take a little more than that for this game to die.

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