Xbox One Price Cut

The Xbox One has significantly dropped in price.

The Xbox One has significantly dropped in price.

Microsoft has made another price cut for the Xbox One, bringing the total to 3 cuts for just this year. The console is now nearly half the price it was at launch.

The Xbox One’s original price was $499. In May, the price went down to $349. A game was included in this price, but Kinect wasn’t included. The cost was then cut again to $300 at the end of May. This was the same price cut that occurred temporarily at the end of 2015 and into early 2016 for the holiday season.

The Xbox one is now $280 — selling for almost half the original price with $219 off. This price also includes a Kinect camera and a number of 500 GB systems with games.

It’s unclear whether this adjusted price is a permanent fixture or temporary. But this change is most likely permanent, since the Xbox One has been out three years. With the announcement of the Xbox One S, we also might see another cut in the upcoming months.

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