Xbox One XBLA Games Will Feature 1000 Gamerscore

Xbox One digital games will have more Gamerscore than Xbox 360.

Xbox One digital games will have more Gamerscore than Xbox 360.
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If the underwater Xbox One marketing doesn’t persuade you to go next-gen, (I’m assuming it doesn’t), then maybe an increased Gamerscore will.

If you are a fan of getting as many achievement points as you can, then you’re in luck. Xbox 360 and Xbox one achievements for Halo: Spartan Assault have been released and the Xbox One has additional achievements. On top of that, the Xbox One version gives more points for its achievements than its Xbox 360 counterpart. The Halo Waypoint website has the full list of achievements and the Gamerscore each gives.

The current maximum for Xbox Live Arcade games is 400g. The Xbox One will have 1000g, the maximum for retail games. The extra 600g can add up quickly if you play a lot of XBLA games.

It may seem small, but some gamers may upgrade just for this. Those on the fence that may have questioned purchasing an Xbox One, especially after news of the Xbox One backwards compatibility problems, might get it for the increased Gamerscore.

This furthers Microsoft’s goal to stop the distinction between retail and digital games by putting them in a single marketplace. Now that they will also have the same Gamerscore, they will be even more equal. Xbox One launches on November 22.

What do you think of the increased Gamerscore for Xbox One digital games? Discuss whether it matters or not in the comments.

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