You Can’t Fix This Leak: Information on Project Titan

Check out the leaked information on Blizzard's Project Titan.
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Speculation over Blizzard’s next-gen MMO has been going on since 2007. It’s surprising that such little information has been released other than its tentative title: “Project Titan.” The folks over at Titan Focus, however, aim to change up the game a little with their leaked information that the author is “extremely confident in.”

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Before continuing, this is, as of now, speculation. It might be true; it might be false. We will not know until information about the game is officially released from Blizzard themselves. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s do this:


Titan is going to be mixing the Earth’s actual history with fiction. It is described as a “deep history” meaning we can expect the same amount of attention and detail that Blizzard gives to its other big series.

There will be plenty of Warcraft Easter Eggs for players to find. There will even be some Warcraft characters thrown in in some form.

Time travel will be a pretty big part of the game. In terms of weapons, there will be everything from magic to guns, most likely tying into the time travel.

The setting will have heavy influence by Viking and Greco-Roman mythologies. They are also pulling out all the stops in terms of writing by getting established authors, like Richard A. Knaak to help. Let’s hope they also get Christie Golden.


It will be an MMORPG in the third person view that uses tab targeting. There will be instances of first person perspective during things called “events”, but what those entail is not yet released.

Graphics will be in the “Blizzard style”, but the engine for the game will be completely new.

The game will be designed with e-sports in mind during the development process. There will be support for it so that it will turn into a popular e-sport.

It will be developed primarily for the PC, although there will be consideration for next-gen consoles. Which next-gen consoles have not been stated.

Although it’s not known whether or not player-housing will be a thing, there will be clan-housing.

There is going to be an auction house. It might entail a real money auction house, it might not.

Each zone will have its own distinct music. They will vary in genre and rhythm so each one feels unique.


The actual name for the game is not known yet. There have been quite a few different titles, all of which have been scrapped.

There are 150 developers working on this game. There will be more added for things like Community Managers and play testers.

As of now, there is English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and French localization with many more languages to come in the beta. The Family and Friends playtest will most likely begin Q1 2014.

There may be an in-game recording system implemented. It’s been considered, but they’re unsure as to whether it will make it to the final build or not.

There will be no gameplay shown at Blizzcon 2013, but there will be a Titan teaser trailer, as well as some other small bits of information. They will also release information on expansions for their other three major titles.


I am really excited to see how the elements of Warcraft will be implemented into Titan. Since its name is Titan, it’s easy to speculate that the universe will involve the Titans from Warcraft to some extent.

The time travel element gets me hype, especially if it’s going to have actual bits of real Earth history in it. If they’re incorporating vikings into it, I hope I get a sweet, unrealistic horned helm to walk around in.

Lastly, I’m most interested in the e-sports aspect. Will this game be designed with PvP as its main focus instead of PvE? Will they be able to effectively pull off both? Why do I have to wait so damned long to find out!?

What do you think about Titan? Are you excited? Are you apathetic? Are you worried it will be bad?

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