Marvel Snap: Ongoing Deck Destroyer Tier List

There are many Ongoing variations you can play. This one uses Wong and Spectrum's abilities to maximize the effects of other hard-hitting cards.

Ongoing abilities are one of the primary ability types in Marvel Snap. Many cards you'll acquire and play in a variety of deck types will have Ongoing powers. To truly center a build around stacking up these omni-present abilities, you're going to need a handful of essential cards to start. From there, you can specialize your Ongoing deck and build out in different ways. And a tier list of best Ongoing deck cards will help you do that. 

For this Marvel Snap guide, we'll be focusing on an especially popular type of Ongoing deck in the meta — the Destroyer deck. Keep in mind, this is quite different from a deck that uses Destroy cards. This Ongoing deck has you powering up and protecting your card before annihilating your opponents with the Destroyer's final blow. 

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S-Tier Cards


  • Collection: Pool 3
  • Ability: Ongoing: Your On Reveal abilities at this location happen twice.

Wong is crucial to this deck in order to activate Spectrum twice. It can also synergize with some great Ongoing cards, such as Warpath.


  • Collection: Lvl 1-14
  • Ability: On Reveal: Give your Ongoing cards +2 Power.

Spectrum's ability will power up all your ongoing cards, and with Wong, she will give them +4 each. That's a pretty hefty boost and one way to end the game with this deck. 


  • Collection: Pool 3
  • Ability: On Reveal: Destroy your other cards.

Another end-game move is to play Destroyer. If you have been playing Armor and indestructible cards such as Colossus, you'll be able to summon the powerful Destroyer without having to sacrifice your most powerful cards on the board. 

A-Tier Cards


  • Collection: Pool 1
  • Ability: Ongoing: Cards at this location can’t be destroyed.

Armor is an essential card for this Ongoing deck since it is an Ongoing card that prevents your cards from getting destroyed. If you're playing a deck with both Destroyer and Spectrum, you'll need Armor in there somewhere. 

B-Tier Cards

Professor X

  • Collection: Pool 1
  • Ability: Ongoing: Lock down this location. (Cards can’t be added, removed, etc.)

Another good combo to include in an Ongoing deck is locking down a location with Professor X after you have already played Lizard there. This ensures the other card will not be weakened by the opponent filling up the location. This gives you a commanding lead in one location if done correctly. 


  • Collection: Pool 1
  • Ability: Ongoing: -3 Power if your opponent has 4 cards here.

Playing Lizard and Professor X together is a way to make sure your card doesn't get the -3 effect. In addition, Lizard will also get buffed by Spectrum's ability that power's up all Ongoing cards. Played right, Lizard could be a 10+ power card by the end of a game using this deck. 

Those are the best cards ranked in a tier list for Ongoing Destroyer decks in Marvel Snap. For more Marvel Snap card guides, tier lists, and update info, just keep refreshing Gameskinny. There are plenty more on the way. 


Published Feb. 15th 2023

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