Uncharted 4 Receives A New Map & Teases The Return Of Old Favorites

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End receives its second major multiplayer DLC featuring a brand new map inspired by the games campaign.

Naughty Dog has unveiled a brand new map as part of Uncharted 4's second major multiplayer DLC release that is available now as part of a free update

Home to the lush ruins of an abandoned pirate colony, New Devon is inspired by Uncharted 4's campaign and is said to be one of the largest maps to-date. New Devon's sheer size and wide open exteriors makes it the ideal map for those that prefer long-range engagements as there are numerous vantage points all over the map. The map also caters for those that prefer more of a run-and-gun style as there is no shortage of corridors for close-quarter combat.

Update 1.12 also changes the way players can earn rewards. Previously players were only able to obtain relics by completing challenges, however, players can now acquire these relics by completing and winning matches. Additionally, premium DLC skins and pre-set outfits have been added to vanity chests, providing players with the opportunity to now purchase these items at a reduced relic cost.

Along with the update, Naughty Dog has announced a sale for the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Store where players can find discounts from 33% to 62% on all DLC Relics. The sale will start this Friday, September 2, and will last until Friday, September 16.

Ranked Team Deathmatch has also kicked off Season 2 with a number of new rewards available for players to obtain. The ranked matches have also received a number of balancing changes to help make the competitive experience more rewarding for solo players. Full details on Uncharted 4's latest update can be found on their official website.

Naughty Dog have also teased the release of their next major DLC which will arrive in September. The DLC is dubbed 'Bounty Hunters' and will see a new map, game-type, personalization items, the return of an old favorite, the Village, and a lot more.

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Published Sep. 1st 2016

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