Fantasy SMITEball: 5 rosters we wish we could see in SMITE

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It's not secret -- we all have our favorites when it comes to players, comps, and teams vying for the Mjolnir trophy in the SMITE Pro League. While there's currently not a Fantasy League set up to build your very own Top 5 for SPL, we still went to task at finding 5 rosters we wish we could see up on the SMITE stage. 

I mean, we can always dream -- can't we?  

The Dream Team

Position Player
Support  Eonic
ADC  Snoopy
Mid   MLC_st3alth
Jungle   Adapting
Solo    CycloneSpin

 Every sport has them - names that just  glow with victory. The high-money  heroes. The ones leading the charge to  success, leaving even highly-regarded  professionals in the dust. They simply  seem to be "a cut above" the  competition, even when the competition is some of the best in the world. 

While it would've been easy to just list "Cloud 9 from Season 1", this roster has picks even more potent - several players in consideration for "best in the world", a player who's name has become synonymous with "crushing midlane" ever since dominating SWC 2015, and the winning jungle of the SWC 2016. 

Go ahead, try and pick 5 other players you'd send into this line-up for a "fair fight".

We'll wait. 

Rebel, rebel, rebel

Position Player
Support 1  iRaffer
Support 2  Paindeviande
Jungle 1  Weak3n
Jungle 2   DJPernicus
Solo  Divios

 All that said, sometimes there just isn't much fun in cheering for the favorites. I mean sure, it's fine because they'll win more likely than not, but where's the story in it? Where's the personality? Where's all the trash talk? 

Sometimes a good villain can be just as fun to follow as the hero of our story, and if the cheers (and boos) of the SWC 2016 for PainDeviande's NME are any indication, there's more than a few of us are cheering for the "Jokers" of the SMITE scene. Ranging from "pretty salted" to "incredibly divisive personality", from "funny jerk" to "full-on supervillain", these five are some of the best players in the business that you should not take home to mother. 

Much like every other bad habit, though, these boys are hard to quit - and maybe, just maybe, we'd all enjoy watching the bad guys win for a change. 


The Hometown Heroes

Position Player
Support Incon 
ADC Oceans
Mid Lassiz
Jungle DareToCare
Solo MattyPocket

 If the obvious heroes or the "love-to-hate" villain picks aren't your thing, how about a ragged band of hometown heroes, loveable misfits, and the closest thing to the People's Champions' you can get without being asked how well you can smell? 

This roster has all of that and more. From Incon, Dare, and Lassiz (some of the better names in the game that have yet to lift Mjolnir) pulling every fan from the hills and towns for miles around, to oft-underrated MattyPocket, and then equipped with an actual unknown in the Ranked Queue Hero Oceans, this Dream Roster has everything you could want in the biggest underdog story since The Mighty Ducks. don't say?

...that's a team already? 

SMITE Season 3 has this exact roster? It's called Team Flex, and they're battling their way into the SPL from the bottom in a heroic underdog tale? 

Well then. 


The Good, the Bad, and the Twitch-y

Position Streamer
Saltshaker  DMBrandon
The Professional  Mogee
Analysis  Wolfy2032
The Velvet Voice  Mezmoreyez
Kukulkan Only  Allied

SMITE is definitely a MOBA built upon its community. The pro players, the HiRez cast, the fans in the seats - and the streamers. While these five might not be the top 1% of players worldwide (though ex-pro Allied did win the Xbox championship at SWC 2016), but they're all some of the most memorable, watchable, and cheer-able personalities that Twitch and SMITE together could handle. 

With Allied leading the charge and the other four being no competitive slouches themselves, there's hardly a team that could get louder screams from the audience than these 5.

Except, of course, maybe...


The Femme Fatales

Position Player
 (Still) The Professional Mogee 
 Dark and Stormy FrozenSorrow
 Resident Foodstuff TheBestTaco
 Saltpacket HelloKellyLink
 Done With This  Smitten

It's no secret - the girls came out to play in the gaming world a long time ago. While these five might not currently be SPL, they're all excellent Smiters and can hold their own on competitive grounds. Mogee specifically (the only repeat name in our list, if you noticed) is a multigame professional player, while HelloKellyLink is the much adored (and missed!) ex-HiRezKelly, avid Cupid enthusiast, ranked leagues hero, and stage host of the SWC 2016.

Don't let their looks fool you, though -- forcing a handicap is liable to land you in the loser's bracket faster than you can make squishy emote hearts in chat. This roster would be a strong first step in telling the SMITE scene that "girl's got game", and an easy crowd favorite at any event. 

Maybe don't name the team after any greek monsters, though. Just a suggestion.  


Position Player
Support  Allied
ADC  Allied
Kukuklan Mid Only  Allied
Jungle  Allied
Solo  Allied

Legend has it if you light a candle in the bathroom and whisper "Fam" into the mirror three times, then blow it out, Allied will appear with meme music. 

Allied is the 5 best rappers streamers Smite Players you know. 

Currently handling the caster's desk as well as he handled Support, Hunter, and (despite his naysaying) midlane, Allied retired after the end of Season 2 during Rosterpocalypse, and is now sitting tight next to F. and crew as he brings some of the best commentary in the business to official SMITE broadcasts. While we're happy for insight, Allied himself gets a bonus Dream Roster, as we'd happily watch him play any (or even every) role some future day in competitive SMITE.

Did we miss any of your favorite players or SMITE personalities? Do you have your own Dream Team or Smite Villains comps you'd pit up to ours? Then let us know below, as we're always ready to take another challenger in the Fantasy SMITE league. 

Published Mar. 3rd 2016


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