What if Nintendo had Achievements?

Nintendo has been playing catch-up on a lot of different aspects of gaming. Will achievement hunting be the next thing they try?

This is something that continues to bother me today. Everyone by now loves or hates trying to acquire an achievement or trophy on your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. These achievements are usually a lot of fun though and help keep gamers motivated to replay their games. Whether or not you like or dislike them, achievements keep a lot us entertained. So why hasn’t Nintendo made their own achievements? That answer is uncertain, but if they did have achievements, here’s what I picture them looking like:

Stamp Collecting

For starters, Nintendo shouldn’t just follow suit and call them achievements or trophies. Personally, I’d call them stamps. Nintendo Land is a great example of this concept. This game encourages players to try to collect all the stamps in each game you play. It sounds easy, but it’s actually very difficult. This is a fun challenge that I enjoy, and it keeps me coming back to the game time after time.

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Picture yourself going into the Miiverse and being able to compare your stamp collection to your friend’s stamp collection. You each have your own stamp book that lists all the games you both play, and what stamps you collected from each game. From there, you could work on collecting certain stamps together or share a stamp on Facebook or Twitter. The possibilities are endless. 

The stamp collecting could go further than just looking pretty. Nintendo could add a certain reward for every stamp you collect. The reward could be something as simple as a weapon boost in Splatoon, or some artwork for Super Mario 3D World. This will give stamp collecting purpose, and make it more desirable for gamers.

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Isn’t Achievement Hunting Old Now? 

While I do think a lot of people no longer care as much for collecting achievements/trophies in a game, there are still a lot out there that do. Nintendo has never done anything like this, so for those that have never been able to try stamping (the catchphrase for stamp collecting), this will be new and exciting for them. 

Another Step in the Right Direction 

I’m looking forward to seeing what Nintendo’s new console, codenamed NX, will be like. There are a lot of things the new console can do to take another step in the right direction, and I think this will be one of those steps. Imagine not only collecting trophies in Super Smash Bros., but also collecting stamps. It will be a collector’s paradise, and I hope Nintendo will add this into their new console when it comes out. 

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Published Jun. 25th 2015

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