Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock the Eyrie Spacerift Near the Interdimensional Fire Dragon

Discover how to unlock the Eyrie Spacerift, one of the best and most convenient features of the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

Access to the Eyrie Spacerift in the Artificial Island zone of Tower of Fantasy makes navigating the central area infinitely easier. It’s the highest point in the entire level, and gliding from it can take you to almost any point on the Island.

It also provides immediate access to the Interdimensional Fire Dragon world boss. Dying during the fight puts you far below the encounter platform, and unless you have a teammate to teleport to, you’ll be stuck there, unable to collect your reward.

Here’s how to unlock this handy fast travel point.

How to Unlock the Eyrie Spacerift on the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

Unlocking the Eyrie Spacerift is pretty easy. You’ll only need to spend a few minutes traveling east from the Base Zero area where you enter the Island, then do a little climbing and some light jetpack flight to reach a red portal.

Starting from Base Zero, head east toward the Rusty Iron Camp Spacerift, which you should activate if you haven’t already.

From the Spacerift, head northwest up the cliffsides and climb up to the uppermost level. Travel south along the upper ground until you’re just north of the long pipe jutting from the mountainside.

You should see a floating red triangular portal near the pipe’s end, hanging in the air.

Double jump or launch yourself with the jetpack and glide into the portal. All you need to do is touch any part of the model to be teleported onto the platform with the Eyrie Spacerift, but be careful once you’re there. The Spacecraft is on a slightly higher platform than the one you arrive at, and you can’t climb the sides, so be sure you’ve saved a jetpack boost.

The Interdimensional Fire Dragon also patrols the skies around the Spacerift, and if he locks onto you, expect to take a face full of rockets in short order. So activate the Eyrie Spacerift and get out of there.

With it active, you’ll have easy access to almost the entire rest of the Artificial Island and thus can get to the two portals leading to the locked trucks much more accessible. We’ve covered plenty of other Tower of Fantasy topics here, including how to get Dark Crystalsthe Monocross Unicorn Mount, and a list of all the recipes in the game. Check out our guides hub for more.


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Published Sep. 19th 2022

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