Factory Defect Samus Aran Amiibo Sells for $2500

A defective Samus Aran figure sold for $2500 when it was discovered that it had two arm cannons, rather than the typical one.

In an amusing turn of events, a Samus Aran amiibo figurine was created with two hand cannons. And that's worth a lot, apparently.

Samas Aran is from the Nintendo game Metroid, first released in 1986. She typically comes with only one right arm cannon but, as a soldier turned bounty hunter, having two arm cannons could certainly come in useful. This error is present in only a few of the figures of the popular Super Smash Bros. character but is apparently highly sought after, given that one of these rare defective Samus’ sold on eBay for a whopping $2500.

Clearly, a factory error isn’t the most terrible thing to happen, given that 75 bids were placed within a weeklong period of time, with the starting price set at $50. Within a day of posting, the price shot to $250 then slowly reached the highest bid of $2500. Since the figure retails for about $15, $2500 is nothing to scoff at. 

As of yet, no other double cannon Samus has popped up on eBay. If you have your hands on one of these rare creatures, perhaps it would be best to keep it.


Published Dec. 2nd 2014

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