15 Cancelled Games We Would Have Loved to Play

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Mega Man Legends 3

Developer: Capcom / Publisher: Capcom

It is a hard pill to swallow when something you've been waiting for all your life shows up, and then just ups and disappears with no reason. Well, Mega Man Legends 3 was (and is) that pill.

With little known reason, the game was scrapped, and many fans of the franchise were left in the cold. The cancellation of Mega Man Universe didn't help either. It wasn't until two years after the initial cancellation and cold shoulder that Capcom issued a better explanation for the game's premature demise. But that didn't make it any easier. 

However, while the game may have been cancelled, Keiji Inafune says he still wants to make the game, so we're crossing our fingers!

Published Mar. 13th 2015

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