15 Cancelled Games We Would Have Loved to Play

Metroid Dread

Developer: Nintendo / Publisher: N/A

No list of upsetting cancelled games would be complete without Metroid Dread, and rightly so. The game was first announced back in 2005 as a prequel to Metroid Fusion in the form of a 2-D side scroller for the Nintendo DS. In 2006 a release date was said to be confirmed only for the game to fail to make an appearance at the annual E3 2006 and the following E3 2007. 

It's 2015 and next to nothing has come out about the title since, a sad state of affairs for many. Though there has been no official cancellation, the only thing left to assume is that Dread has entered the dreadful developmental hell - which is worst, because while a cancellation is definite, development limbo leaves us all on the edge of our seats. 

Published Mar. 13th 2015

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