15 Cancelled Games We Would Have Loved to Play

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

Developer: Climax Studio / Publisher: Square Enix Europe

The Legacy of Kain franchise is no stranger to cancelled games. In fact,` the popular title has racked up a list of ten cancelled titles. Admittedly, some of those titles were better off not seeing the light of day but, Dead Sun could have been the exception. Released concept art along with beautiful trailers proved the game would at least be visually appealing but that's all we could really gauge, until now. Recently gameplay has been leaked of the cancelled game and can be found on IGN's YouTube page. 

Honestly, while the game would have been a let down to the hardcore Legacy of Kain fans with the lack of favorites Kain and Raziel, outside of the franchise it could have been a success. 

Published Mar. 13th 2015

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