Mass Effect: Scan The Keeper Locations Guide

If you need to know where to scan the Keepers in Mass Effect, we've got a guide here for veterans and new players alike.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is finally here, and players both old and new are diving into the Commander Shepard saga with enthusiasm. One of the early side missions in the first game asks you to scan the Keepers, mysterious organic lifeforms who spend their days looking at some sort of data around the Citadel, the hub for intergalactic politics within the Mass Effect universe.

If you're looking for the Keeper locations so you can scan the keepers, use our guide right here. In it, you'll find locations for all 20 Keepers needed to complete the mission, earn some XP, and some valuable insight into the illustrious sci-fi world of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Keeper Locations

While roaming the Citadel after the Expose Saren main mission, you can come across Chorban, a Salarian scientist toiling away at some sort of device in his hands. Approach him in the Citadel Tower to learn he's been scanning the Keepers against the instructions of the Citadel powers that be.

Agree to help him and you'll scan the first one right by his side inside the Citadel Tower. Then you'll need to scan 19 more Keepers. Here are their locations:

Mass Effect: Scan The Keepers - Citadel Tower

After you pick up the mission in the same area and scan the Keeper next to Chorban, there ar three more Keepers in this location.

  • Southwest corner of the Citdel Tower
  • Eastern area nearby Admiral Kahoku, who offers his own side quest
  • Northwest corner of the Citadel Tower

Mass Effect: Scan The Keepers - Presidium

In the hub-like central space of the Citadel, several more of the Keepers can be found. Here's where to look:

  • To the west near the Citadel Tower elevator
  • In the northwest near the Wards Access corridor
  • Through the Embassy Lounge and outside on a balcony
  • In the Embassies area where Volus and Elcor are talking, including a Volus shopkeeper
  • In a room near the Embassy Lounge once more where humans and Elcor work on computers
  • Near the entrance to the Consort Chambers, southeast section of the Presidium
  • West of the Consort Chambers nearby a statue of a Krogan
  • Emporium upstairs near the Consort Chambers

Mass Effect: Scan The Keepers - Wards Locations

The final nine Keepers are found in the Wards. Here's where to look:

  • Behind the Med Clinic in the Upper Wards
  • Northwest corner of the Upper Wards Markets
  • In the Alleyway between the Wards Access corridor and Chora's Den
  • Within Wards Access in a small room nearby elevators
  • Inside Flux behind the casino (Quasar) machines
  • Next to the C-Sec entrance
  • In the C-Sec requisitions office
  • Opposite the requisitions room in the C-Sec Traffic Control office
  • In the Docking Bay, which you move to using the elevator in C-Sec

Once you've scanned all 20 Keepers, you'll receive XP and credits to spend, and perhaps most importantly, you'll set yourself up to witness a fun ripple effect from this mission in Mass Effect 2.

In general, Mass Effect rewards side missions and main missions alike with consequences sometimes paying off much later in the series, so do all you can to get the most out of Shepard's journey. Look for more guides on Mass Effect Legendary Edition here on GameSkinny.


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Published May. 26th 2021

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