THQ Nordic Announces Biomutant Release Date, Collector's Editions

Biomutant has a release date at last, along with some swanky — and pricey — special editions.

Biomutant has a release date at last. THQ Nordic announced the open-world kung-fu shooter will release on May 25 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

There's currently no word about Biomutant on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, though THQ has more news in store for the months leading up to Biomutant's release date.

THQ also announced two new Biomutant editions, the Atomic Edition and Collector's Edition.

The Biomutant Atomic Edition sells for $399 and includes:

  • High Detail Diorama - 60cm/23" long, 25cm/10" width, 30cm/12" height
  • Game Biomutant
  • Steelbook
  • T-Shirt in L/XL
  • Oversized Mousepad 80cm/31" x 35cm/14"
  • The artwork on Fabric A1 size
  • Soundtrack
  • Premium Box

Biomutant's Collector's Edition will cost $109 and comes with:

  • Game Biomutant
  • Game hero figurine
  • The artwork on Fabric A1 size
  • Soundtrack
  • Premium Box

Biomutant pre-orders are open on the game's website, which re-directs to either Amazon or GameStop, though it's not certain whether more retailers may open pre-orders in the coming months.

Biomutant tells the tale of a dying world, where mighty tribes of animal warriors clash and the Tree of Life slowly bleeds to death.

While there is an overarching narrative, player choices dictate the story's outcome. It also determines who their character becomes thanks to Biomutant's signature genetic modification system shown in more detail in the big 2020 Biomutant trailer.


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Published Jan. 26th 2021

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