Super Mario 64 HD Fan Remake in the Works

Super Mario 64 HDified

Anyone who owned a Nintendo 64 back when they were a kid would remember sitting down, blowing the dust out of a cartridge, and spending an entire weekend playing one of the many glorious N64 games.

Nowadays, a handful of those N64 games have been remade and remastered into HD, like games from the Legend of Zelda series. However, not all games can be shown as much love as we would like.

One of the more memorable games from the N64 era is Super Mario 64 and, besides a DS remake back in 2004, the original game has been neglected by Nintendo as an HD candidate. Luckily, a group of fans (AryoksinimStuffCallum Martin, and Chadtronic) have decided to show the N64 classic some much-needed love and are working on an HD remake for the game.

The team has recreated Mario as well as various other assets in HD and are working to update the rest of the game in HD. The team displays what they have in their showcase but the game in its entirety is still in the works.

The fan project began in early 2014 with a single contributor but recently gained more contributors as of late 2014. The release date is still tentative and the team is still looking for help through their Facebook page. 

The project is unofficial as well as not-for-profit. Check out the project while you can and show the team some love.


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Published Jan. 6th 2015

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