Hidden Gems in the Steam Summer Sale

Time to open those pocket books and buy some great games to fill the rest of your summer.

With all of the front page joy of Steam and things like CS:GO selling for cents, it's easy to miss some of the truly great deals on Steam in favor of the flashy Daily Deals. Fear not, here's a list of some truly great games you might have missed, that are now on sale on Steam. 

Kentucky Route Zero: $18.74

Maybe it's because Kentucky is my homeland and there's something about the beautiful, ethereal soundtrack that really pulls me in, but either way, Kentucky Route Zero is a must buy. 

The game takes place in and around Kentucky's mystical "Route Zero," and is by far one of the more breathtaking games to come out in the past few years. Few games truly reward players for exploration the way that Kentucky Route Zero does. At 25% off, this isn't one of the more money saving deals you can get, but it might be just enough to have you consider purchasing this episodic, magical realist point and click adventure.

Torchlight 2: $9.99

If you've always enjoyed the medieval sword and sorcery fighters, then you'll probably love Torchlight 2. An ideal LAN game (it downloads quickly for those who don't have it, it's already relatively inexpensive and is so well optimized it runs on laptops if someone decided to bring that to a LAN), you can also purchase the four pack for $30. 

The story is not really the fascinating part of Torchlight 2, but your can customize your character and it features more loot drops than Borderlands. Also, you can be followed around by a pet that runs to town and sells your stuff. That is the one thing that Borderlands 2 is missing; a giant panda to run home and sell my unused greatswords. 

 The Swapper: $11.24

 The Swapper is one of those innovative games that a lot of people in the indie scene have been talking about, but which might have missed the mainstream conversation. This game should be as big as Braid was a few years ago. This is the kind of game that the indie scene was made for. 

In the first hour, The Swapper brings out one of the more challenging moral moments I've seen in a game, ever. And the thing that made it great is that that moment wasn't a big deal, it felt like self-discovery. An atmospheric puzzle platformer with a mechanic as fascinating as Portal, the game also happens to be beautiful. All the art is made from clay models and found objects. 

 The Swapper is one of those games that's honestly worth it's full price, so the 25% off sale that Steam is currently offering is definitely worth it. 


What hidden gems are you excited about in the Steam Summer Sale? 

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Published Jul. 21st 2013
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Curses, I missed it. "The Swapper" sounds nifty.
  • S2riker
    "The Swapper" looks interesting, sort of a mix between Portal and Limbo. Good find.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    The Swapper is super fascinating, and quite unlike any other game I've ever played.

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