Top 5 mightiest steeds in video games


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Named for the first initial of your military group, The Diamond Dogs, Snake's first buddy takes the best from all the trotters before him. D-Horse handles the arduous terrain of Afghanistan with ease and obeys every detailed nudge of the joystick even at full gallop. Summoning your steed is easy too; with just a whistle, D-Horse will appear by your side as if by magic. Take that, Epona's Song!

Like the horses of Rockstar's wild west, D-Horse is not invincible: steep falls and gunfire will render him incapacitated. His tactical abilities, however, set him apart from his predecessors. From simple abilities like hanging on D-Horse's side to avoid enemies' line of sight, to more complex, and slightly odd, strategies like using fresh horse manure to send jeeps slipping and sliding, Metal Gear Solid V's mighty steed is a perfect fit for Snake's masterful tactics. 

Published Nov. 7th 2015

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